Yu Jen-chih, a gourmet look at the world by Michel Bohbot
Yu Jen-chih, a gourmet look at the world by Michel Bohbot

Akin th hos well-known senior Cézane, who dreamt of blending hills with feminine curves, Yu Jen-Chih scrutinizies the world in his own peculiar way and with accuracy. Splendid work on signs, rhymes an light. Generous inventory of nature and its components : hard-ness, movement, stability, bark and rock, water and hardly perceptible changes in the sky? Yu telles us about the wider reality, intact an undefeated : he does so both as a painter-artist and poet. He stigmatises for us the presence of objects and our environement, all that we, poor blid people, are unable to see and any case, would not be able to in the way he perceives them, feels them and transmits them. He is able to capture the unity and reality of the universe. In the space of his discourse, he provides a new meaning to the signifiers of everyday life, disrupts their reading and carefully decomposes all that appears before him. Yu does not steal light but works whith it : as a physical and sensory reality. On can observe th reflection on rocks, trunks, within and between foliage. Graphic signs are rich in sensory suggestions : he hears birds chirping on tree tops, sees the river serpent in between stones, before disappearing for good. Water and its sounds, a muffled babble.

Let us listen with our eyes to this poerty , let us fell his intuition facing the larger whole, let us retain the perfect harmony os shapes, let us keep in our hearts and minds his lessons of silence, peace and his way of relating to the world – as a timeless message between the absolute and the present moment.

Yu’s work are endearing, they include much more than what we are able to see : between sobriety and intensity, each work forms a complete scenery. In my opinion, this is one of th biggest praises for an artist with a long creative career ahead of him.

It would be a smart choice to follow this young fellow on what may just be a brillant future.

Michel Bohbot
Contemporary Art Expert
Art Historian

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